Cuisine as Culture: Vegetarian East Asian-Full Three-Part Series

Saturday Sep 07, 2019
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Chef Elena Sirignano

In this three-part Cuisine as Culture/Heritage Kitchen series of hands-on classes led by Executive Chef Elena Sirignano, you will take a virtual journey to three countries -- India, Thailand, and Japan-all noted for their rich histories of vegetarian cuisine. On September 7, you will travel to India with the flavorful spice of kormas, flatbreads, and fresh made cheese. Your culinary travels on October 5 will take you to the produce rich waterways of Thailand's rice noodles and coconut based Thai curries. Concluding your culinary "journey" on November 9, you will experience the elegant tradition of Japanese Shojin Ryori cuisine, where balance and harmony are the keys to interacting flavors. Each of these classes can be taken individually or as a full three-part complementary series. Full Three-Part Series includes additional cookbook.
Hands On - Cost: $225 - #75391 - (Register Online)


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