All Things Pickled and Preserved

Wednesday Oct 09, 2019
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Chef Chris Kennedy Aken

How does a fruit or vegetable become a pickle? Can you really pickle anything? In this class, Trefethen Family Vineyard Winery Chef Chris Kennedy Aken breaks down the art and science of food preservation, teaching you how to use pickling and preserving techniques to enjoy that seasons best offerings during any season of the year. You will learn the basic steps for home canning, which you can use to preserve pickles, jams, and other high-acid foods for shelf storage. If you're like us, you always have an abundance of garden cucumbers and tomatoes at the end of summer. So, come join chef as he leads you through what to do with that bounty and demystifies the complex world for food preservation. Chef Demo with some Hands-on and Take-home. Pre-registration required by October 4.
Hands On - Cost: $80 - #75395 - (Register Online)


Convenient registration options include online, by mail or over the phone at 707-967-2901. Register online now..