Wine Tasting Back to Basics

Saturday Jul 09, 2022
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

 Traci Dutton

When you listen to an expert talk about wine do you ever think, "Are they making this up? What are they talking about? Am I just bad at this?" Well, we believe that almost anyone can be a good wine taster with a little guidance and lots of practice. In this tasting class we will learn to identify the basic building blocks of wine and describe their level of intensity, discuss ways to harness your experiences to build a vocabulary for aromas and flavors, and most important, give you a clear way to describe the wines you like and a kind way to describe the wines that you don't like. You will find your voice when talking about wine and never again say, "I don't know anything about wine." Pre-registration required.
Demonstration Tasting - Cost: $65 - #77841 - (Register Online)


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