Ludwig Hussong

Chef Ludwig Hussong

July 21, 2015

It is our pleasure to welcome Chef Ludwig Hussong to the Napa Valley College community. Lui will be joining the culinary faculty at the Napa Valley Cooking School while Chef Maggie is on maternity leave. Born in San Diego and raised in Ensenada, Mexico, Chef Lui moved to the Napa Valley in 2004 to study winemaking and culinary arts at the Napa Valley College, graduating at the top of the class from the Napa Valley Cooking School in 2006 on the honor roll in both the Napa Valley College’s VWT Enology and Winemaking Program and the Wine Marketing and Sales Program. He worked in the kitchen at Domaine Chandon and came back to the Upper Valley Campus to work as a teaching assistant for a year before heading back home to his family businesses.

The Hussong family is a familiar name to the many who have visited the world famous Hussong’s Cantina, an historical bar and Ensenada institution, operating for over 120 years and (thankfully) invented the Margarita. Lui’s family also has several agricultural businesses, a thriving cattle farm and one of Mexico’s best known wineries, Bodegas San Rafael in the Ojos Negros Valley. Lui also started his own very successful catering company which he has been running for 8 years and has catered large private events of up to 1000 people. Chef Lui has always kept in touch with the NVCS, and has been an adjunct instructor in the Culinary Program and Food Enthusiast Program for the last 8 years. We are thrilled to announce that Lui brings his years of experience in cooking, managing and hospitality to the Napa Valley as an Assistant Chef Instructor to the professional culinary program.