Class of 2015

"“I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better program and teacher. Under the teaching of Chef B I’m going to get to where I need to be and accomplish my goals using all of her knowledge that she gives to us.”

“I expect to become highly qualified in the culinary arts and believe the Chefs will be instrumental now, and into the future, to my success.”

Class of 2014

"Helped prepare me to move into my new career with confidence." – Daria C.

"I liked the amount of personal attention paid to each student." – Gabriel C.

"Even though my prior experience in restaurants was minimal, school has opened my eyes to many areas. Doing things right. No compromises when it comes to quality." – Barbara F.

"I feel well prepared for the future. The program is very demanding." – Sherri C.

Class of 2013

"I can honestly say that the Napa Valley Cooking School is the best school to go to if you want a culinary education. I felt I went into the industry with the basic skills and techniques I needed to be successful. I was even prepared to work on the line because of our Restaurant Sessions. The school will push you to be the best possible chef you can be." - Megan W.

"I felt well-prepared for working at Ciocolat. You're always moving in the kitchen at school and it's the same for the industry, but you have to keep getting faster. Learning to be clean and organized was a huge thing that helped me get prepared for working in a small kitchen." - Brittney C.

"This school has taught me everything I've needed to know, so far." - Jesus M.

"The school prepared me very well for the work place. I feel an understanding that wasn’t there before. I’m not afraid of new things. Thank you for giving me a very strong first step." – Aaron G.

"I am very confident and competent for someone just coming out of school." – Jennifer S.

Class of 2012

"I never could have imagined the doors that would be opening for me after attending this school. I hope everyone finds the same happiness and success that I have." - Leah Q.

Class of 2011

"I have no regrets on my choice of attending this school. Great chefs." – Brian R.

Class of 1998

"I found myself constantly applying my experiences at school to work. I feel completely confident in the fact that my culinary education has prepared me and will continue to ready me for the cooking world." – Krista G.